A Mirthful, Whimsical Appreciation of Texture


Roses | The soft petals in these gorgeous flower crowns have such a heavenly texture that gives rise to my romantic wings. I can almost feel the peach fuzz type effect that gently rubbing two fingers on the petals would give along with the wafting fragrance being released. Ahhh, Bliss.

Invitation | This nature inspired invitation sits comfortably in this setting of a rough and tumble bush. Although the bush has a coarseness to it, it also is quite friendly with its delicate white blossoms. If you look hard you can see a faint outline of a heart framing the invitation suite.

Lavender | The painterly quality to this sunbathed lavender springs to life through the contrast of the bright natural light and almost periwinkle shade of lavender. The texture of the lavender sprig in focus gives a faint roughness that immediately blends in with the dreamlike backdrop of its bokehed-out neighbors.

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