Angela + Ben | an LA Wedding

Angela + Ben’s LA Wedding
Once in awhile as a wedding photographer you have the rare opportunity to shoot a wedding that isn’t really a wedding. What does that mean? Well, a big fun party that a couple happens to get married at. Angela & Ben had the quintessential un-wedding in the sense that when we first started shooting, Angela was completely done getting ready and meeting us on the rooftop of Perch Restaurant in downtown LA for photos. As we walked on to the rooftop groups of well wishers lifted glasses to congratulate the bride and groom. The groom bought champagne for strangers and we took photos of the bride and groom with the skyline of downtown Los Angeles in the background. After our guerrilla style shoot we continued the fun by taking pictures at “The Last Bookstore” which has mannequins hanging from the ceiling and cutouts of books that provided convenient framing opportunities. Finally, we ended up at our reception location, Le Petit Paris, which was at one time the lobby of a large hotel complete with a grand staircase. The bride and groom greeted their guests upon arrival and the drinks began to flow for this film industry “crew” (see what I did there). During the middle of the party, the bride and groom approached the landing of the grand staircase where they exchanged their vows. After much applause and well wishing from their crowd postnuptial, the party continued into the wee hours of the morning…. complete with a food truck around 2am.

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