Canary Rooftop Portraits with Ann + Josh

Do you have a happy place? Well for Ann & Josh their happy place is whisking away from Chicago to Santa Barbara for a stay at the Kimpton Canary Hotel. They love nothing more than walking downtown for a stroll, maybe getting amazing local Mexican food and bringing it back up to the rooftop of the hotel to nosh on with the twinkling lights of Santa Barbara in the background. So when they asked me to shoot their engagement session, we absolutely had to start out on the rooftop of the the Canary with a champagne toast

From there we did a quick outfit change and made a trip to beach. With Ann’s stunning, flowing red dress and the cliffs of Santa Barbara in the background, it was a moment that only celluloid could capture properly. We had such a blast that day that Josh even mentioned hiring a photographer more often to document their escapades. Ann gave a mirthful laugh and a slight roll of the eyes. But hey, life is short. Why not capture as much of the beauty as you can?

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