Katie + Unni | Fes Parker & Santa Barbara Historical Museum

What’s better than a Santa Barbara wedding in October? How about TWO weddings on the same day… with the same couple! That’s essentially what Katie + Unni’s “East meets West” wedding was. The joining of two cultures and families with two different traditions into one wedding ceremony. Unni, coming from an Indian background, brought the flavor and flare that only a true Indian wedding can bring. It all started with the singing and dancing of the Baarat as the groom entered atop the shoulders of friends and family with the sparkling Pacific in the background. As the ceremony continued it presented the many millennia-old Indian wedding ceremony traditions and customs rich with meaning and symbolism. And from Katie’s side, the reading of vows and exchanging of rings rounded out this multicultural union. Afterward the couple changed out of their Indian attire and into their Western outfits. Katie donned a beautiful, whimsical lace and tulle dress and Unni a dapper suit with black bow tie. Arriving in style to their Santa Barbara Historical Museum reception, they proceeded to celebrate with friends and family under warm market lights, the twinkling stars above and love all around.

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