Rebecca + Jeremy Bench Triptych

When we first spoke to Rebecca about her engagement session the conversation immediately went to visions of Santa Barbara delights at every corner- The texture of Santa Barbara stone & tile shot in b+w, distressed wood on timeless doors & furniture, beautiful, puffy fuchsia bougainvillea radiant with color. And then of course we had to include Duke, their unbelievably cute puppy. This made for a fun beach scene complete with a picnic. (Side note, our daughter Georgiana had the pleasure of puppy sitting for a portion of the session and let’s just say her goodbye to Duke was….emotional). So when the day came it was amazing to bring to life those conversations and visions we created. And not only was the shoot fun from an artistic perspective, but Rebecca and Jeremy were a dream to work with. We love people who have an eye for detail, a passion for photography and are genuinely fun to be around. What’s more, we have unending requests from Georgiana on when she gets to see Duke again….and again….

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