Willie + Kaki Get Engaged | Loon’s Point, Carpinteria CA

We are so lucky and blessed in our business to be able to attract like-minded creative clients and Willie + Kaki are no different. Willie being a creative executive for a film+tv production company knew he wanted to make..well…a production out of his proposal to Kaki. Not that he is overly flashy or had a band and fireworks ready to going off or anything, but he wanted to make the moment memorable and make sure to capture it genuinely and artistically.

When I first got on the phone with Willie, it was like our minds were in total sync and our sensibilities completely lined up. I was able to give him a myriad of location options, the time of day, how to navigate with the “bride to be” and with wardrobe etc. We settled on the secluded cove of Loon’s Point in Carpinteria CA where you often see horseback riders…and little else since the spot is so tucked away. There is a huge smooth rock wall that is one of the most painted scenes in the Santa Barbara area. And then huge swirling spire like cliff’s that can make one feel as if they are at some destination far, far away.

So when the time came, my heart was beating out of my chest as the couple turned the corner and the big moment was about to happen. They settled on a beach blanket but soon after Willie got up, asked Kaki to join him and he popped the question! He dropped to one knee (like a true romantic) and Kaki said YES despite her obvious shock! I learned later that they never even talked about getting engaged and Willie picked out the ring 100% by himself. Wow! I was able to capture that moment, get some photos of them toasting with champagne and then we went on to shoot some additional creative portraits of the two of them on that peaceful and majestic beach. As we were shooting I learned that they both grew up in Manhattan and lived only 5 blocks away from each other but never met! Their paths finally crossed in LA after both had moved out there for work. I also learned that Kaki works for Disney Tech Innovation. She studied her MBA at Harvard and Willie is finishing up his MBA at Wharton and will be done in a few weeks and they can rejoin and start thinking for their future.

Such a beautiful couple and moment in time.

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